School of Audio Engineering (SAE)

SAE Institute was originally established as The School of Audio Engineering (SAE) by engineer/producer Tom Misner, who developed the world’s first combined practical and theoretical curriculum in audio engineering. SAE’s unique educational system also offers programs in film making, multimedia and other creative medias.

SAE facilities have some of the most advanced equipment and facilities available to students studying in the creative media industries.

B. R. Fries completed the construction of 19,000 square foot campus in New York including offices and sound engineering/recording facilities. The project features 18 acoustically-rated rooms, Neve, SSL, Midi and protocol control rooms and suites. Sound-rated classrooms and administrative offices are integrated in a unique oval design that maximizes the efficiency of the pre-existing floor plate.
Location:New York, NY
Size:19,000 square feet
Schedule: 3 Months
Services: General Contracting

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